Tales from the road
2000km on the road – in Bruges
August 6, 2015

Fuelled by McDonald’s (when aren’t we?) we negotiated slippy cobbled streets and headed out of Strasbourg and towards the town of Saverne. It was good to be back on the road: legs rested, kit less disgusting and Gail fixed.  From there we enjoyed flowing French D roads, cheap wine and the amazing hospitality of others […]

I’ll start with some stats: we’ve just reached France having covered 1283.24 kilometres, ascended 5371m and burnt 35,000 calories each since we left Budapest 12 days ago.     Having reached Germany it was evident to ourselves and those around us (within about 20m) that quite simply, we stank. A hostel was duly located and booked […]

The places in between
July 22, 2015

       Good evening from Passau in southern Germany – it’s day 7 and we’re 650km into the trip. It’s been an eventful few days since the last blog! Let’s start back on day 3. Following our breakfast in Bratislava we rolled back onto the Eurovelo 6 toward the border with Austria, our third country […]

3 days, 3 countries
July 18, 2015

Left Budapest early on day 1 and were greeted by a fairly difficult start with the first 20km taking us over 3 hours and nearly destroying our supply of inner tubes. Soon though we were on the open road heading towards Vac and the fantastic section of the path that heads west towards the border […]

The day after the night before
July 15, 2015

It was 3am. Alarms rang but we were already awake, with the task of getting 4 bikes and 3 people to Budapest in one piece in time for dinner. Luckily we managed and were soon sat at a local cafe for a decent sized lager and some chips.     Sadly this is the only photo […]

The blog post is merely a brief summary of some of the highlights of the London to Paris 24 Hour trip – a longer diary will emerge in due course! I thought a photo diary would be the best medium to really show you what the event looked like!   Starting the ride outside Her […]

The Final Build-up
March 29, 2014

With less than two weeks to go before our premier event launches and sees a Team of 6 riders embarking on their 24 hour journey from London to Paris, we caught up with a couple of them to see how their final preparations are coming together! “Having completed 850 training miles in the 6 weeks […]

How to choose your touring adventure
March 9, 2014

We are starting big with this blog post – seeking to highlight some of the factors which have an impact on our choice of adventure. Obviously, this is hugely dependent on the individual, but I hope that there are still some relevant issues that arise regardless of your situation. I want some of the main […]

London to Paris Team Training Weekend
March 2, 2014

Last weekend we had our first get-together for our riders who have just over a month before they embark on their London to Paris in 24 hours venture! This was a great opportunity for riders to meet each other and get some brief practice in of riding in a group and learning about each other’s […]

L2P Rider – Jack’s Story so far…
February 14, 2014

So here is my first blog entry for the Bike4Charity London to Paris Charity Bike Ride. The date of the event is the 31st March which doesn’t leave me long to train and be ready for what is going to be a massive challenge, both mentally and physically. Not to mention the fact that I […]